How Does Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard Make Linking Easier?

Positioning is supported by numerous tools, without which it is difficult to implement effective SEO activities. You can cope without using them, but once you have them at your disposal and get to know their possibilities, it will be difficult for you to imagine your daily work without them. The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is such a tool. What can you use it for? Does the DSD make linking easy? Check out!

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard - what is it?

DSD, the solution you can find at, can be considered one of the most extensive SEO tools available on the market.

Perhaps you associate it primarily with the analysis of the link profile of a given domain, but it offers much more. Thanks to it, you can monitor how the visibility of a given page on Google changes, conduct a website audit, analyze competition and more. However, in this article, we will focus on how you can use the DSD in linking.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is not available in the full version for free, but you can check the basic information about a particular page for free with the DSD's free version. There you will learn, among other things, how much is the DR parameter of the domain, how many links lead to it and how many domains. You can verify the 5 most frequently used anchors or some of the pages with links leading to a given site. So you can start your Standard package 14-day FREE trial! You're guaranteed to get unlimited access to all valuable services included in the Standard package within our 14-day trial period.

Paid plan: what is the expense?  Check the price list of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard - there you will find detailed information on the possibilities offered by each package.

You already know what The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is - so let's move on to how the DSD makes linking easier.

How does The Dedicated SEO Dashboard make linking easier?

The visibility of the website is influenced by on-site activities, i.e. activities on the website, and off-site activities, i.e. outside the website. The former includes, among others, content optimization, speeding up the website, adding appropriate meta tags and much more. On the other hand, off-site factors include obtaining links on websites.

It is important, however, that these links should be placed on high-quality websites, because only in this case you can count on the fact that obtaining them will positively translate into website visibility. But what does that mean? How can you tell if a link from a given site is valuable? Including for this, you should use The Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

Remember that depending on the site on which the link appears, it may have a positive, negative or no effect on the visibility of your website. Keep in mind that while one link may be enough to advance, for example, from position 54 to 36, if you are, for example, third in a competing phrase, one link may not cause any change.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is also a source of knowledge about competitors' activities - you can check which websites are linked to competing websites. Thanks to this, you will find websites where you should leave links, and often they will be websites where you can do it for free. You will learn which pages allow adding a comment with a link and whether it is a link with the "nofollow" or "dofollow" attribute. You can also verify the linking of individual subpages of the website.

What is worth checking in The Dedicated SEO Dashboard?

If you want to increase the visibility of your website, the Dedicated SEO Dashboard can provide you with a huge amount of useful information. There are numerous functions at your disposal that will tell you a lot about your site as well as your competitors' sites. So start your analysis here.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard has a lot of features, but let's focus on how this tool can help you with your linking. In this respect, it definitely stands out from the competition and it is no coincidence that many SEO workers find it irreplaceable.

Here's how the Dedicated SEO Dashboard can make linking easier and help you through the entire process:

Choosing the sites where you will publish sponsored articles and other links 

Not every link will positively affect the position of your site in Google search results. Links should be added on valuable websites, but how to evaluate them? This is where the DSD comes to the rescue. First of all, check what the DR of the page is. It should be larger than for your website, but beware: in many websites, this parameter may be "crammed" in order to be interested in buying links. Therefore, apart from it, also pay attention to the visibility of the page on Google. If it is very small, or even zero, it may mean that getting such a link will not benefit you. If you buy a link on a specific subpage that already exists, make sure what its UR is. The bigger it is, the better. All you need to check the DR and UR of your pages is DSD's free feature. For a detailed analysis of the competition, you then need a paid package.

Verifying competitors' links 

Is your key business rival's website well positioned? So be sure to check out his link profile. Thanks to The Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you will find out on which pages links are leading to a given site, as well as what their parameters are. This way, you can easily find websites where you post a comment with a link or a forum post. You will also learn which sites publish sponsored articles - since they added the content of your competition, they will probably also accept the content you propose for a fee. 

For the free version of the DSD, you will only get a data sample, and you will need the already paid package to analyze all your competitors' links. In the list of links, you will see the DR, UR parameter, the number of links leading to the site, but also the number of links originating from a given subpage. If you are going to put a link on an existing subpage of the website, pay attention to the issue of outbound links. Remember that the strength of the link (i.e. "link juice") will be divided between the pages linked to by a given website. The more such links are, the less power will be transferred to your site.

Lost backlinks 

An interesting option in The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is the list of lost backlinks, which means that the tool has detected that they are deleted or an error has occurred. It is a valuable solution that allows you to control whether, for example, a link you paid for has not been removed. It's hard to imagine checking hundreds of links by hand - in the meantime, just look at the DSD once in a while and then check what happened so that the link has disappeared. In the case of the "link removed" message, this usually means that the link has been removed. However, with other errors, it is possible that the link exists and will be detected at the next check.

Broken backlinks

Another option allows you to check links that lead to non-existent pages on your site, i.e. redirect to addresses returning 404 status. What should you do with this information? It all depends on what the problem is from. The link may direct you to a non-existent subpage that has just been removed. In this case, use redirect 301 and change the address to the home page or a subpage with similar topics. It is also possible that you commissioned a sponsored article to be published, but inserted an incorrect link in it. In this case, ask the website owner to change the link to the correct one.


Thanks to The Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you can also check what are the most popular anchors, i.e. anchors of backlinks pointing to your website. Controlling this issue is very important - the vast majority of links leading to the website should be in the form of a URL, which is the most natural. If links with "exact match" anchors are dominant, i.e. those containing keywords for which the site is positioned, it may result in the loss of trust in the Google algorithm and a decrease in the visibility of the site.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard: is it worth it? Summary

Indisputably The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is one of those tools that one should get to know. Does the DSD make linking easy? Yes! This tool gives you great opportunities in terms of analyzing the links that lead to a given website, but you can also observe how the visibility of the page on Google changes. With it, you will learn about the phrases that are probably the most visited, the average number of searches for them, and more. Therefore, do not hesitate - create an account and check what else you can gain thanks to this tool.


Is the free version of The Dedicated SEO Dashboard enough for me?

In the free version, the DSD will allow you to check the basic parameters of the competitor's website, as well as a limited number of links that lead to this website. Is that enough for you? You have to judge it for yourself. However, in the case of websites that you verify, you will already have access to information about all the links found by The Dedicated SEO Dashboard and many other data.

For SEO specialists who position clients' websites, access to the paid version may be essential. However, if you want to use this tool for yourself, you may be able to do without a paid plan.